Shakedown Dreams Walking In Broad Daylight

This paragraph should be broadcast repeatedly every day from now till Election Day:

“The Democratic party has an obligation to beat the Republican party so badly, over and over again, that rationality once again becomes a quality to be desired. It must be done by persuading the country of this simple fact. It cannot be done by reasoning with the Republicans, because the next two generations of them are too far gone. The state legislators now passing all manner of crazy laws represent the next generation of national Republican leaders. They are proudly unknowing. They are certain, because it is impossible.”

And the NeoConfederates hit their mark yet again:

Senate Republicans on Monday blocked President Barack Obama’s “Buffett Rule” legislation, which would have put a 30-percent minimum tax on millionaires, in a debate that is likely to resonate through the November general election.

Democrats, as expected, failed to garner the 60 votes needed in the 100-member Senate to move to a full debate and vote on the bill aimed at getting more tax revenues out of the wealthy.

And again:

Republicans controlling the House are eying big cuts to food stamps and would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to claim child tax credits as they piece together legislation to cut $261 billion in the coming decade.

It’s the first step in a GOP exercise aimed at cutting domestic programs to forestall big Pentagon budget cuts next year.

The cuts to food stamps would reduce the monthly benefit for a family of four by almost $60 and would force up to 3 million people off the program altogether by tightening eligibility.

The measure would also eliminate a grant program to states for social services like day care. Six House panels are producing legislation this week as the first step in implementing the GOP’s budget plan.

And again:

State elections officials Tuesday said that six fake Democrats could remain on the ballot in the upcoming recall elections, ensuring that all the races would hold primary elections on May 8 and general elections on June 5.

The Government Accountability Board voted 6-0 to leave in place the protest candidates who filed paperwork to run in the recall elections against Gov. Scott Walker and five other GOP officials. The effort was devised by Republicans to ensure that their state Senate candidates didn’t face general elections on May 8, the day that Democrats will hold a real primary in the governor’s race.

They are EXACTLY who we think they are.


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