Looks like the Romneytronic 3000 is counting his chickens before the eggs are even laid:

Former Governor Mitt Romney is already offering top donors access to a special “Presidential Inaugural retreat,” planned on the assumption that he will be elected president this November.

The offer, in a fundraising email circulated by a top Georgia supporter to fellow Republicans and obtained by BuzzFeed, is one of several goodies offered to those who contribute more than $50,000 to the joint fundraising committee known as “Romney Victory,” a program whose outlines were first reported by POLITICO.

Of course, no story about Mittens would be complete without generous portions of hypocrisy and flip-flopping:

…Romney and other Republicans have sharply criticized Obama for, they allege, favoring political and financial supporters in deals ranging from the auto bailout to green energy investments.

But Romney already appears to be preparing to open his nascent administration to his top financial supporters, the email from Stormont suggests, and the email contains an unusual combination of promises of access and early measuring of the presidential drapes. It also lays out the cost of other levels of access. At one Georgia fundraiser, for instance, $10,000 is required to “get a photo with Governor Romney.”

This would be comical if not for the fact that the Ferengi Media is determined to make a horse race out of the 2012 election (having spun on a dime to turn BP shill Hilary Rosen into a “Democratic strategist”, they’d be just as likely to dismiss this as efficient business-like planning or some other garbage).  One thing is certain: people need to stay on point this election cycle; a repeat of 2010 would be disastrous for the country.


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