Have You Tried Shaking Him?

Doghouse Riley turns in one of the more devastating takedowns of Rmoney MK? you’ll see this week:

…today he’s Mitt Romney, nobody’s sweetheart, and no liberal except to the knuckle-draggers of his own party. Fifty-one percent, or something approximating that, have repudiated them, at least as regards selection of a national candidate. The same thing happened last time, except last time the “real” “conservatives” had only tax-raisin’ Mike Huckabee to carry the banner; this time they’ve had a half-dozen to chose from, all duds. It’s time to acknowledge that Mitt Romney is the face of the national Republican party, or the face it wishes to show the rest of the country, neatly coiffed, tone-deaf, and vacant behind the eyes, rather than the ravening Bronze Age thinkers who represent 40% of its voters and most of it Congressional representatives.

Poor Williard – he thinks he’s having a hard time making the sale now, just wait…


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