Uncivil Defense

Outstanding post from Soonergrunt regarding SSG Bales and the slaughter in Afghanistan:

In the days since, we’ve heard various stories about how his personal finances were in difficulty, about how he had multiple combat tours and had been passed over for promotion, that he had a traumatic brain injury, and all sorts of things that people are coming up with to try and explain why he did what he did.  A lot of it has a whiff of  ‘the other’ to it, as if by discovering some unique personal tragedy or problem for SSG Bales, that the author could show how he is different from us and how this act is unique to Bales and, by implication, people like him.  The short version of my response to this is “Bullshit.”

There will be, and SHOULD be, queries regarding the circumstances surrounding this incident.  But the larger point is still true: if PTSD/TBI is going to be used in an attempt to mitigate this crime, then evidence of the hundreds of thousands who suffer and manage not to massacre innocents should be offered as well.


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