Your Media Inaction

Driftglass brings us example #65,247,189 of why the Ferengi Media is so useless:

In this advertisement for MSNBC (that last bastion of Commie trickery and America-hating cut-and-runniness left in Jesusland) Mrs. Alan Greenspan takes great pains to denounce unnamed “political parties” and “interest groups” who are ruining everyone else’ good time.




OK, then, which “political parties”, Mrs. Alan Greenspan? The Whigs? The Copperheads? The Natural Law Party? The LaRouchies?

Great.  She knows that there is SOMETHING amiss, and that SOMEONE’S responsible for all the mess, but whoever could it BE?  Why, BOTH SIDES, of course.

Today’s media at its fluffiest – where the only thing worse than being to the left of Genghis Khan is admitting the left could be right about ANYTHING, EVER.


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