“The Road We’ve Traveled”

And it does feel as though we’ve all been on it, doesn’t it?

I can safely say that this election (even more so than the last one) is going to be INTENSELY personal for me.  Let me explain.  President Obama and I are both of a certain generation, mere months between his birth and mine.  Many of the “criticisms” he has endured, and the supremacist attitudes behind them, are achingly familiar to me.  To see such glaring jackassery aimed at the duly elected President of the United States of America, a man who’s only transgression was to dare to go about cleaning up the veritable hog waste lagoons left behind by the NeoConfederates – it is at once infuriating and embarrassing.  It is infuriating because NO ONE deserves to be treated that way, and embarrassing because of the sheer numbers of Americans who have apparently had what brains they once possessed Hoovered right out of their heads.

There can be no doubt what is in store for the country if any of the GOP contenders win in November – more stories like this one.  When they proclaim through their deeds their hate for the “Other,” THEY MEAN YOU TOO.

(h/t Angry Black Lady)


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