Must Be An Ending To It All

Martin over at Balloon Juice makes some good points regarding POTUS and the upcoming general election:

The president can’t speak out against the opposition outside of campaign season. It’s an unspoken rule – because voters can’t do shit about it, you have to deal with the assholes you’re dealt. But at the same time, we give politicians permission to make their case during election years – and because the president is running for re-election, he can make his case. He can make it not only against his direct opposition, but also against the other party more broadly.

Obama has another thing working against him that no other president has had to deal with, and that’s the proverb: “You’ve got to work twice as hard to get half as far as a black person in white America.”

That’s true to a certain degree even as president. He’s GOT to be squeaky clean. He’s got to play the rules better than any of his predecessors, because the GOP and the media are just aching for a reason to tear him down, to say he wasn’t ready, that we weren’t ready, that we should stick to old, white, rich guys. So as president, he’s had to be more deferential than Clinton or Bush could have gotten away with.

But in campaign season, I think he’s going to open up more. I think we’ve already seen some of that. I think he’s just aching to do it, but knows he couldn’t afford it before. The GOP (the Tea Party, particularly) can’t help but see him as weak. I think that instinctively they see him as the black guy that they should be able to keep in his place. I think they feel they can roll him, even in an election year, and I bet that pisses Obama off something fierce. My guess is that guys like Boehner who have been in that town long enough know that Obama is going to just wreck them over something like this because he knows the rules change. Those bazillion Tea Party freshmen don’t realize that. They never recognized that they couldn’t still campaign during the State of the Union and catcall the President. And now that they’re at least acknowledging that there’s a certain decorum here, I don’t think they realize that he can come out swinging as soon as the voters decide that campaign season is on.

Remember the scene in In The Heat of the Night where Tibbs lets the old dude know his Nathan Bedford Forrest routine is DONE?

Yeah, that’s the one.  A preview of things to come…


3 responses to “Must Be An Ending To It All

  1. Another angle on this: the president may not be holding back right now out of an interest in appearing “deferential”. I think he sees the GOP candidates doing a damn fine job of wrecking each other as this campaign drags on, and the fact that Gingrich refuses to drop out after his defeats in the south last night will allow that situation to keep on going, full steam ahead. The more these GOP dipsticks are out there in front of the cameras, the less people like them – including many Republicans. And in the meantime, while they’re out there cannibalizing one another, our president is staying focused and doing what a good leader’s supposed to do. He looks positively golden by comparison. POTUS doesn’t need to waste time, effort or money on these guys until they’ve got one man left standing, and that last one is already gonna have plenty of war wounds on him, inflicted by his own party. It’s a smart move, IMHO.

    • Agreed; “never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.” And let’s face it, the GOP has made a TON of errors here, many of them unprecedented in my lifetime.

      My prediction is that when RMoney gets the nod, then gets pantsed in the general, the GOP brain trust will decide that the reason they lost is because they didn’t go far ENOUGH to the right. Not sure what comes after tragedy and farce, but that is where they’re headed.

      • Your prediction is scary ’cause it sounds totally plausible. Wouldn’t put it past those nubs to draw such a deluded conclusion.

        Also, I would love to see Mitt get LITERALLY pantsed somehow. I think it would do him some good. Thanks for putting that image in my head.

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