Gamy Change

No, didn’t see the movie; I usually skip repeats ’cause I already know how they end.

Besides, it’s just more whitewashing of what may very well turn out to be the biggest political klaüsterfökken of the 21st century; that is, the decision to put a clearly unprepared and unteachable dilettante on the ticket with John McCain.  The odds of me feeling in the least bit sorry for Steve Schmidt, the GOP establishment in general, and John McCain in particular is effectively zero; Schmidt and the GOP had so little regard for then-Senator Obama, and were so determined to believe their own spin, that they thought any political Pygmalion (preferably in a skirt) would be enough to beat him.

McCain craved the presidency so badly he actually turned to the people  responsible for his own slandering during the 2000 campaign, and any protestations to the contrary are wiped away with the memory of Palin’s brownshirt campaign rallies, replete with endless references to “real Americans” and “taking our country back”.  He either signed off on them, or failed to repudiate them on the spot.  Yes, he did gently take down Tool Time Light Socket Accident Hair Lady, but that was too little, too late.

That said, it’s just a piece of fiction, another lie in the series of them coming from the fReichwing.


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