Somewhere, Pakleds Are Laughing

So Mike Lee (R-Romneyburg) wants to shut everything down until President Obama cries, “MASSA,” huh?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: How many days do you think we have, on the outside, to get this debt ceiling through before we have a problem? How many days?

LEE: I don’t know, maybe ten days.

MATTHEWS: Okay, in ten days you want to change the United States Constitution by two-thirds vote in both houses? That’s what you’re demanding.

LEE: Yes. If possible we can’t change the Constitution just in Congress but we can submit it to the states. Let the states fight it out.

MATTHEWS: And you think you’re being reasonable by saying you want a two-thirds vote in the House, which is Republican, and in the Senate which is Democrat. You want the Democratic Senate, by a two-thirds vote, to pass a constitutional amendment or you want the house to come down?

LEE: Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying and I’ve been saying this for six months.

Well, if he was looking to get the President’s attention, I’d say he got it:

“Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.”

The wait for Election Day is going to be interminable, especially with this level of lunacy coming from the NeoConfederacy.  It will be worth it in the end, when they discover to their horror that they have lost – AGAIN.


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