The Lost Cause Mk II

Zandar’s post on the continuing birther nonsense in Newtron’s back yard distills their game plan (such as it is):

If the President shows up, every other state GOP machine will file similar complaints with friendly judges and he’ll have to show up there as well.  If the President ignores the complaints, it will “prove he has something to hide” and feed the nasty e-mail whisper campaign that basically hasn’t stopped since early 2008. The sinister point of all this is not to prove or disprove anything, but to so demoralize voters that they’ll entertain the notion that if the Republicans win, all this idiocy will go away and that the GOP will behave themselves again.

Yup, that’s the game in a nutshell.

Hal asked a question I think I can actually answer:

Christ, what is it with the fucking college transcripts?! Who the hell cares what Obama’s grades were in college. You might as well ask for his junior high transcripts.

I answered briefly on the thread, but would like to expand here.

They cannot believe a great many things about this Obama.

They cannot believe that, on his own, he earned his grades.

They cannot believe that, on his own, he is in any way whatsoever an educated man.

They cannot believe that, within the rules, he was elected to the office of POTUS.

They cannot believe that he gave the orders that boxed bin Laden and the Somali pirates.

They cannot believe that he got our troops out of Iraq.

They cannot believe that he was the driving force that saved the Detroit auto industry.

They cannot believe these things, because if they do, it invalidates everything they have been told, and believed, about themselves for GENERATIONS.

They have been told that he, and everyone who looks like him, is less than them.

They have been told that the only people that look like him that matter at all are those who serve, and service, them; and those only to a point and only so long as they keep their place.

But this Obama does not do these things.

He does not heel when Limbaugh commands it.

His very EXISTENCE nullifies theirs, and the only way they can rationalize it is if he is somehow inauthentic.

That is why the birther nonsense will continue.

That is why they gleefully embrace with great hue and cry a man whose stench even they could not endure a short time ago.

A man who pontificates about family values while displaying none.

A man who lectures on ethics while displaying none.

A man who preaches fiscal responsibility while displaying none.

A man who screams j’accuse at the top of his lungs even as he has failed to meet even a minimum moral standard.

They will do this because they must.

He is their “dream” given flesh.

He gives them the chance to relive a glory that never existed.

“Any handhold in a storm” is their motto, and they think they’ve grabbed a life preserver.

In fact, it is an anchor.

He will fail, and he will take a party with him.

Update: And just in case anyone is unclear as to just what we are fighting against:


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