Your Ferengi Media On Display

Balloon Juice commenter handsmile makes point #3,852,410,769 against the Ferengi media, in this instance that of TeaNN: too hot and bothered about getting hot and bothered to notice what’s really going on around them:

From 8:05-8:15am on CNN’s morning show, host Soleded O’Brien and three men each well-compensated for their political analysis, Ron Brownstein, Will Cain, and Roland Martin, all clucked and giggled about the interview: do people really care what an ex-spouse has to say; everyone knows about Newt’s “baggage”; comparisons between Newt and Jack Welch; what will women thiink? Not a peep (nor in the previous half-hour I watched) about Newt’s astonishing declaration that as President sworn to uphold the constitutional guarantee of the separation of powers, he would not be bound by Supreme Court decisions.

(emphasis – mine)

The American “news” machine is a global embarrassment, but so long as the check cashes…

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