O’Keefe And The MSM – P’taks All

My first thought when I heard about the latest stunt from serial defamer James O’Keefe was to wonder how family members of the deceased would react.  We now have an answer:

A grieving New Hampshire widow said she was stunned to learn her beloved husband’s identity was used for a political gotcha — just 10 days after his death.

“That’s awful,” Rachel Groux said. “Why should they use his name? They shouldn’t use anybody’s name — alive or deceased.”

In those two short sentences, Mrs. Groux has shown more integrity, and told more truth, than O’Keefe’s crew and his media enablers combined.  On a day when the editor of the New York Times is asking whether or not reporters should seek out the truth or continue to take dictation, Mrs. Groux shows a directness and common sense that is all but extinct in the MSM.

The good news (if any can come from this sorry episode) is that it appears there may be criminal charges possible at both the state (the NH AG’s office is investigating) and federal levels.  Some sort of dishonorable mention should be handed out to the Ferengi media that spread O’Keefe’s doctored BS as gospel truth in the first place.  The fact that they legitimized – no, REWARDED his smearing of legitimate organizations and persons (out of mortal terror at being considered anywhere to the left of Genghis Khan) in the first place has led directly to this.  There is no honor in them; liars, cowards, and weaklings all.


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