Every Cloud Has A Latinum Lining

Sometimes, watching what appears to be the literal devolution of the Republican party to the cheers of the 27 percenters saddens me.  Not because the GOP doesn’t deserve it; a Whig-like slide into obscurity is richly deserved.  Rather, it is because so many among our citizenry have become addicted to the Two Minutes Hate.  Then I see news like this:

This summer, William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC appeared on the Janet Mefferd program where he declared that President Obama had become a dictator with plans to create a police state and use undocumented immigrants to wage war on “White America.”

Gheen went on to suggest that there was no “peaceful, political recourse” to Obama’s dictatorship and so people might need to start contemplating “some type of extra-political activities that I can’t really talk about because they’re all illegal and violent.”

Today, Gheen sent out an email to supporters reporting that due to anemic fundraising, ALIPAC is on the verge of being forced to shut down operations:

I’ll pass on including an excerpt of the email – suffice to say that Mr. Gheen has some issues, and even with the lunacy that passes for Republican/”conservative” politics at the moment, there is (at least for now) a bridge some of them won’t cross.

2 responses to “Every Cloud Has A Latinum Lining

  1. I like to think, given time and a quiet opportunity to back a forth, I could come to appreciate another’s political views even when strongly disagreeing with them.

    But now, no way. These folks politics are simply symptoms of their collective insanity.

    I know that is harsh, and I hate having come to that conclusion, but I can’t come to any other understanding.

    It’s disheartening.


    • It was certainly easier for me to “see both sides” in the past than it is now. I am hopeful that the GOP’s performance (or is it performance art?) over the course of the last three years will wake some people up (2010 non-voters, I’m talking to you).

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