Field Of Screams

(via ABL)

Charles Pierce is a national treasure, and he has just penned the quintessential summary of NeoConfederate Presidential Primary 2012:

By any conventional measure, and entirely through their own fault, the Republicans have produced a field of candidates so utterly comical, so completely devoid of conventional political merit, that the field itself is a strong evidence for the elimination of the Republican party. The frontrunner is a simuloid fake. The leading contender is a horndog as surprised to discover that women did not want him as he was to discover that China had The Bomb. The leading “intellectual” thinks Barack Obama “…is about as candid and accurate as Bernie Madoff in what he tells the American people” and then, of course, decries the incivility that is drowning out the important discussion we need to have about the issues facing This Great Nation. The rest of them are concerned about zygotes, black helicopters, and whatever else is simmering in the Bachmann-Paul-Santorum stewpot. And there is Jon Huntsman, the invisible former governor of Utah, reasonably sentient human, and proven non-horndog. This isn’t a primary campaign field. It’s a condo-board election at the Hell Country Estates.

That should be etched onto a plate and shot into space just so whoever finds it realizes that we weren’t ALL lobotomy recipients.


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