This One Is A Keeper

Charlie Pierce is awesome:

“Americans are trying to re-establish the link between effort and reward. This was the link that was severed on Wall Street, where so many made so much for work that served no productive purpose. This was the link that was frayed by the bailouts, when people who broke the rules still got rewarded.”

Oh, really? What tipped you off, Sherlock? Got two sources for that insight? Have no fear, though. Brooks has lingered as long as he cares to in the general vicinity of the fact that the people his politics enabled and celebrated were grievously amoral in almost everything they did for a decade. He’s got workers to bash.

The auto bailouts mostly worked, but they are unpopular even in the Midwestern states that directly benefited because those who failed in the market still got the gold. Public sector unions are unpopular because of the perception that benefit packages are out of balance.”

The prosecution would like an offer of proof on that first sentence, Your Honor. As to the second, and the ironclad “perception” on which it depends, I guess Brooks was watching the Amanda Knox trial and missed all those people standing around on the lawn in Madison last winter, and he’s still missing all those folks in Ohio who are kicking John Kasich’s nuts through the roof of his mouth.

Any takedown of Brooks is worth a few minutes of your time; this one should be engraved on a plaque and shot all the way to Alpha Centauri.




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